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50 ideas to cope with boredom

What to do while stuck at home preventing the spread of COVID-19??

During this time of the global pandemic, experts recommend to everyone to stay at home even those who show no sign of illness, in order to prevent the virus from spreading. All of the concerts are postponed, sports events are canceled, schools, cafes, and restaurants are closed in most of the countries and tourist attractions and hot spots are shut down.

All of this leads to one solution: self-quarantine.

Remaining at home and staying inside is a good way to protect yourself and your loved ones, as well as the community from spreading the virus and help “flatten the curve” of daily cases that put a lot of pressure on the health care systems around the world.

But staying at home can prevent one and lead to another lesser evil: boredom and stir madness.

There are many things you can do to make your time at home more interesting and even make you more productive.

Here is a list of 50 suggestions:

  1. Complete a puzzle with more pieces (the more the merrier). Take a Rubik’s cube. Do a crossword puzzle.
  2. Start your own journal or on-line blog. It can be about coronavirus but it can also be about something you were always drawn to.
  3. Dust off your old instrument/s  and practice ( but first make sure it does not bother your neighbors, using on-line communication :))
  4. Text your exes in case you have one more thing you wanted to tell them (or maybe not).
  5. Try to write poetry. Maybe a haiku for Mother’s day …
  6. Now is the perfect time to watch those really long movies you’ve avoided all this time.
  7. Download a language app and learn a foreign language.
  8. Read the books that have been catching dust on your bookshelf.
  9. Try to meditate. If you don’t know how, use help from the internet.
  10.  Treat yourself with a skincare routine you usually don’t have time to practice during the week. Use homemade recipes available on-line.
  11. Look at pictures and videos of small puppies and cats.
  12.  Try out new cooking recipes (or the ones you failed a few times before, they might work out this time ;)).
  13.  Write letters (yes, actual letters) and thank you notes to your family and friends.
  14. Try out candle making, painting, papier-mâché….DIY projects can be fun, relaxing and help your time fly by.
  15.  Learn calligraphy using on-line tutorials.
  16.  Encourage the family to play long and intense board games, after reading those long rules on how to actually play the game.
  17.  Create your own dialogue by muting the soap opera playing on the TV.
  18.  Organize your kitchen by matching the lids to containers of your Tupperware.
  19.  Try out all of your clothes and sort them out. Put the clothes you don’t like in a giveaway box and give it charity as soon as the pandemic situation is over.
  20.  Sort out your junk drawer and the supply shelves.
  21.  Make some snacks and have a meeting with your roommate/ family and discuss how to be more considerate of one another, especially now when you will be spending more time together.
  22.  Learn how to bake.
  23.  Watch movies that won Oscars, both old and new.
  24.  Watch movies that were nominated for prestigious awards.
  25.  Read the magazines pilled on your desk.
  26.  Watch comedies.
  27.  Learn how to knit or crochet.
  28.  Use Face Time, Skype, Viber, Google Hangouts or other apps to chat with your long-distance friend and check how they’re doing.
  29.  Workout. Try out home aerobics or yoga videos. Downloading a fitness app will help you keep track.
  30.  Look at yourself in the mirror and try to make a self-portrait.
  31.  Take a long and relaxing bubble bath with a glass of wine (or more).
  32.  Try out some cocktail recipes. Don’t forget to shake and garnish.
  33.  Try out coloring books. They are excellent for relaxing and concentrating.
  34.  Take time to reflect on yourself, what you have achieved in this year and what goals you should pursue in the next year.
  35. Try out your writing skills. Start with a short story, advance to a novel.
  36.  Go through Pinterest and try to reproduce something that you see there.
  37.  Camp indoors in the middle of your living room. So much fun!
  38.  Get into fixing things. Fix your broken tile, broken doorknob, clean scuffed up walls…
  39.  Try out a physical therapy with that foam roller you acquired some time ago.
  40.  Go back to your childhood by playing some good old childhood games.
  41.  Learn how to do braids and other hairstyles by watching tutorials.
  42.  Clean out your expired makeup and beauty products. Pay attention to the small symbol on them noting their expiration date.
  43.  Keep in touch with your grandparents (over the phone). Ask them to tell you about their love story/ or any interesting story (believe me, they have a lot of stories to tell) and save the audio. You can easily become the next bestselling author.
  44.  Go through your camera roll and organize your pictures and videos.
  45. Learn how to cook some interesting, exotic recipes.
  46.  Create a list of recommendations of shows and movies you’re watching and share it with your friends and family.
  47.  Make a list of things you are grateful for.
  48.  Do a wine tasting of the bottles you have at home. You might be surprised  when you discover what you’ve been hiding from yourself all this time J
  49.  Work on your financial planning and ways to save more money.
  50.  Try out your grandma’s recipes.

50 ideas to cope with boredom 4
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