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Coronavirus cure sooner than expected? Discover now.

The Chinese government informed that flu medicines developed by a company called Fujifilm Holdings are effective against the new coronavirus.

The drug favipiravir, developed by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical and marketed under the brand name Avigan, has already been recommended by Beijing.

“It’s really safe and clearly successful,” Zhang Xinmin, director of the China National Center for Biotechnology Development at the science ministry, said during a news conference.

Coronavirus cure speculations are rocking Tokio’s stock exchange

Favipiravir was develope by Fujifilm in 2013. It has been used by coronavirus patients in Japan since February. In the afternoon session on Monday, Fujifilm shares rose by 15% in Tokyo. After the Beijing declaration, the morning stock exchange washalted as a result of a flurry of buy orders.

The total of four days, compared with 11 days in the control group, was checked by patients who got favipiravir negative. No apparent side effects occurred, he said.

Another Wuhan clinical trial found that favipiravir-treated patients improved on average from fever in 2.5 days compared with other patients in 4.2 days. Just 8.2 percent were in need of respiratory assistance in people who were taking favipiravir, while 17.1 percent were in need of a control category.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) cure, is it for real?
Coronavirus cure ?

A spokesman for Fujifilm said the firm does not and is actually conducting Chinese clinical trials.In 2016, Fujifilm signed with China’s Zhejiang Hisun Pharmaceutical a patent licensing contract on Favipiravir. Yet last year’s spokesperson said, that two sides do have “cooperative connections” the deal was cancelled.

The Chinese company received official approval in February for the production of the drug and can boost the generic output.
The patents for Favipiravir are valid in Japan, but expired last year in China. This makes the generic form of Zhejiang Hisun cleared for production.
Fujifilm offers the services of Avigan for research in Japanese hospitals and prepares its own tests in Japan. Japanese work began in March, with tests for several months not planned.

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