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Coronavirus: Prince Charles tests positive, is this how he got it?

The Queen is considered to be in "good health" and continues to follow all necessary guidelines after her son and heir have been diagnosed.

Prince Charles tested positive with mild symptoms for coronavirus. Clarence House reported that he himself isolates at home in Scotland with the Duchess of Cornwall, who doesn’t have the infection.

A Wednesday morning announcement reported that “it was not possible to figure out how the Prince of Wales ‘ Royal Highness caught the virus from,” but that he was already working “for the last few days as usual.”

Together with his wife, Camilla, the prince has been screened in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, for the lethal virus by the National Health Service (NHS).

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Buckingham Palace has released a statement in reaction to the Prince of Wales contracting Covid-19, stating that Queen Elizabeth II ‘ is in good health ‘ despite having visited her son Charles on the morning of 12 March.

It comes after Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared tougher measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic with a nationwide lockdown on Monday night. Anything but necessary travel has been forbidden. The UK Government has advised the public to remain at home and has banned parties of more than two people.

Johnson said earlier this week: “If you don’t follow the rules the police will have the powers to enforce.”

Earlier this month, Prince Charles was seen handshaking with the attendees at the Prince’s Trust Awards forgetting the “no shake hands policy” and not keeping the required distance, amid the fact that the spread of coronavirus has already taken on the royal protocol. Could that be the source of Prince’s infection?

Prince Charles at Prince’s Trust Awards in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak

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