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Italy: Couple raised more than 4.3 million € for the coronavirus victims

This success story started two weeks ago, when the Italian fashion designer Chiara Ferragani and her husband Fedez, started a gofundme page to raise money for a new ICU at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. The new area was to be built by the end of this month.

Two weeks later, receiving donations from more than 200.000 donors, they’ve managed to raise 4.3 million Euros and finish up the new ICU area.

The new area is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to triple the intensive and sub-intensive care, such as beds fans, noninvasive ventilation devices, hemodynamic monitoring and monitors ready for its patients.

The famous couple, personally donated 100.000 € to start the found raiser which was created in collaboration with the hospital’s cardiovascular and general intensive care department chief, Professor Alberto Zangrillo.

The couple is encouraging everybody to keep on donating for this good cause and help Italy fight the unexpected COVID-19 outbreak. The video the couple posted on Instagram shows how all donations were important to bring the upgraded facility to live and prepare it for new patients.

The couple hopes that this initiative will raise the awareness of the consequence of the new virus and do as much as possible to prevent it’s spread.

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