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Olimpic event cancelled! Greece with new sets of measures

As the number of new cases confirmed rose by nearly two thirds to 190 in 24 hours, Greece announced new emergency steps to restrict coronavirus spread.

The Minister of Health spokesperson, Mr Tsiodras, has announced the closure of all cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, sports clubs, beauty salons, and public libraries via the latest initiative and the smooth functioning of supermarkets, drugstores and food service suppliers.

A total of 73 new cases were confirmed on Friday and are the greatest in one day. Of 190 patients, 47 are over 65 and 79 are over 40 while 47 are hospitalized, three of them are in intensive care. Over half of the patients come from the city of Athens. 1,000 people have been checked on COVID-19 over the last 48 hours.

The latest plan comes after all children’s schools and university, theaters, cinemas, galleries and the annulment of all sporting activities are closed earlier this week.

Olimpic event cancelled! Greece with new sets of measures 1
Gerard Butler takes part in the Olympic flame torch relay for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in Sparta, Greece, on March 13, 2020. 

Following just 2 days of fear of spreading the virus among the huge crowds that welcomed runners in southern Greece, the Greek Olympic Committee called off the 8-day Torch Relais for the Tokio 2020 Games.

Before the transition ceremony to Tokyo Olympic authorities, the torch was to fly to 30 cities on the route to Olympia in Athens. In order to allow a small number of tourists to the Acropolis and other archeological sites, and to close up due to the lack of security guards the Ministry of Culture announced that they would reconsider the decision taken previously.

They hope that the new package of interventions will come in response to the steady rise in new coronavirus cases across the country and that the public will comply with them with individual responsibility and collective conscience.

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