During the self-isolation time we are all trying to find something to entertain us. Some of us read, some binge watch series and movies, some cook, some clean, some follow the suggestions we have published before. But we can all agree that no matter what we do, music is our essential companion.

For all those living far from their home countries these times can sometimes be hard and bring a sense of nostalgic feeling back to you. For that reason, for all those who are feeling a bit nostalgic, here is how you can feel a little bit closer to your “home” once again.

Nostalgic for the radio? coronaupdate.net

Radio connects people and places from all over the world, by bringing distant voices close. Since its beginnings, radio frequencies have crossed the borders and both radio makers and radio listeners have imagined re-connecting with people from ‘home’ from thousands of miles away.

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Radio Garden is an online streaming platform, bringing thousands of live radio stations across the globe in one place. Radio Garden started out in 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands as part of a research project named Transnational Radio Encounters commissioned by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision. It was created, designed and developed by “Studio Puckey & Moniker”. Taking care of the project since its beginning, in 2019 Jonathan Puckey decided to turn it into a small independent company.

Headphone coronaupdate.net

In 2018 they’ve launched mobile apps for both Android and IOS and in 2019 they’ve introduced the possibility for their users to search for their favorite places and stations around the globe. Since early 2020, the whole platform was redesigned and rebuilt as a mobile-first experience with possibilities for further upgrades and developments, or as they like to say:

Our dedicated team is hard at work tending to the garden on a daily basis. Planting seeds for the future and keeping the weeds at bay.”

Just follow the green dots on the map, and experience the thousands of online radio stations from around the world. You might get surprised!