Here’s how you can fill in your free time while at home

In these hard times we are all trying to “survive”  keeping us busy with either work from home or just doing something (usually around the house) we usually don’t have time to do.

But how about we try to learn something new, read something new, master another skill we’ve always wanted to.

Here are some suggestions on interesting online courses, books, audiobooks, journals and other documents you can find online for free. Yes, they are all FOR FREE!

Long-distance learning for grown-ups

Many of the Ivy League universities have decided to offer their online courses for free. For instance, you can find free online courses from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale at the following web page:

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They all offer a large variety of courses in different areas such as computer science, business, humanities, data science, personal development, art and design.

The University of Glasgow has also decided to open the distance learning platform to support learners across the globe and offer 20 online courses for free. For more information, check their web page

At you can also find interesting online courses for upgrading and mastering some new skills. They collaborate with 190+ world-leading universities and companies from all around the world.

Another very useful and interesting online platform for learning in-demand skills is They have opened their content with over 14,000+ online courses, taught by real-world professionals for your personal and professional skills upgrade. Check it out!

Long-distance learning for kids

For all the parents, teachers and students ages 2- 18 you can find interesting and useful free online courses at Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

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Students, teachers and parents as well, can now also explore the free online lessons, activities, and recommended resources made by Smithsonian museum educators as well as thousands of other teachers. Check the to reach the Smithsonian Learning Lab and explore the pre-packaged collections.


Cambridge University has opened some of its textbooks and journals for free download. Check their webpage to see which content is now available for free

While millions stay home to reduce the spread of the coronavirus, Scribd decided to make their digital library of e-books and audiobooks free for everyone. Their library which includes millions of e-books, audiobooks, magazine articles, journals will be available for free for the next month. Check it out at

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JSTOR is an online library of digital academic books, journals and primary sources with 10+ million documents, serving 10,000+ libraries. They have also created free public content to help people access their favorite readings. Check their content at

We hope the abovementioned suggestions will interest you and keep you busy and productive, while you stay safe and healthy.

If you come across any other interesting online resources that are helping you go through this stay-at-home period, let us know in the comments section below.