Serbia built the biggest coronavirus quarantine in the world

As the number of positive cases of coronavirus in Serbia increases and the hospitals are getting congested, the government decided to take more rigorous actions. The Serbian military has set up, by now the biggest quarantine in the world. The hall is equipped with 3.000 beds to accommodate people with coronavirus infection.

coronavirus quarantine serbia
Serbian army sets the Belgrade fair as a quarantine hospital for coronavirus patients

The quarantine is located in the biggest hall of the Belgrade Fairground, which according to the Serbian epidemiologist Dr. Kon was the most suitable of several other locations inspected by the Chinese experts who landed in Serbia to help prevent the spread of the virus. Six Chinese medical experts, who are specialists in areas as infectious disease prevention (IDP) and pulmonary and critical care medicine (PCCM), have arrived in Serbia couple on Saturday night, together with the well needed medical equipment including masks and suits, coronavirus test kits and respirators.

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After being refused by the European Union to send out support in the times when Serbia started facing fast rise in the number of positive cases, Serbian President, Mr. Aleksandar Vucic, due to “lack of EU solidarity”, turned to the Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Chinese Government to provide medical help and additional medical supplies to his country. 

Although the fight against the coronavirus is still ongoing in China, their Government decided to send their medical teams in Serbia and other European countries with a high number of positive cases, such as Italy, to help them cope with the situation.

 Analyzing the current situation in Serbia and comparing it to the areas in their country with similar population size and also taking into consideration their experience in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, they advised that the citizens should follow the measures the Serbian government has already taken and follow the rules. They suggested that if the citizens work “shoulder to shoulder” with them by following the measures, the spread would definitely slow down and they will manage to stabilize the situation in 29 days. In the upcoming days the Chinese medical experts will work along with their Serbian counterparts and propose additional measures if needed in order to stop the spreading of the infection.

Serbian Healthcare Minister, Mr. Zlatibor Loncar, announced that the City Hospital has already moved some of its respirators and patients to the new facility, which is fully functional.