Stop for a moment and watch this video

Just stop. Don’t move. It’s not a request anymore. It’s an obligation. I’m here to help you.

This is a supersonic rollercoaster.

Has run out of its rails and can’t go any further. Stop the planes. Trains. Schools. Shopping malls. Gatherings.

We broke the frenetic vortex of illusion and obligations. That stopped you from looking at the sky. Looking at the stars. Listening to the sea.

Let yourself rocked by the chirping of the birds. Roll in the grass. Pick an apple from a tree. Smile to an animal in the woods. Breathe the mountains. Listen to your common sense.

We had to break it. You can’t play a God. Our obligations are mutual like they’ve always been even though you’ve forgotten.

We’ll stop this broadcast now, these endless cacophonous sounds of separations and distractions to tell you this. We are not OK. None of us is. We are all suffering.

Last year the firestorms set the lungs of the earth on fire. Didn’t stop you. Nor did the melting of the poles. Nor the sinking cities.

Or the simple acknowledgment of being the sole responsible for the sixth mass extinction. You didn’t listen. It’s difficult to listen while being so busy.

Struggling to climb higher and higher on the scaffolding of the comforts you are creating for yourself. Now the foundations are crumbling.

They are collapsing under the weight of your fictitious desires. I’ll help you.I’ll light the firestorms inside your body. I’ll drown your lungs. I’ll isolate you like a polar bear on a melting iceberg. Will you listen to me now?

We are not OK. I’m not your enemy. I’m just a messenger. I’m an ally. I’m the force that will rebalance everything. Now you have to listen to me. I’m screaming for you to stop. STOP. Hush. Listen.

Now look up to the sky. How is it? There are no more airplanes. How healthy do you need to be to enjoy the oxygen you breathe? Look at the ocean. How is it?

Look at the rivers. How are they? Look at the earth. How is she? Now, look at yourselves.

How do you feel? You can’t be healthy in a sick ecosystem. Stop. Many people are afraid now. Don’t demonize your fear. Don’t let it control you. Let it speak to you.

Listen to the wise words it has to say. Learn to smile with your eyes. I’ll help you if you’re willing to listen.